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URIZONS Colorful Braided Headphones - In-Ear Earbuds with Microphone

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Teens absolutely love the sound of these in-ear wired headphones. The depth and clarity, along with the heavy bass and high definition, enhance their music experience. The headphones also feature good noise cancellation, which isolates them from the surrounding noise.

Functionality is another highlight of these headphones. They can be used to make and hang calls, as well as play, pause, and skip music or videos. However, it's important to note that the microphone does not have a volume adjustment function.

If you have a pet at home, you may have experienced the frustration of them biting through the cords of your earphones. With our URIZONS braided earbuds, this is no longer a concern. The cloth fabric wrapping provides excellent protection and extends the shelf life of the earphones.

The decorative fabric braiding on the earbuds' cable serves multiple purposes. Firstly, it prevents tangling and keeps the cable neat and tidy. Additionally, it adds an extra layer of protection against dirt, cracks, breaks, and sweat. You can enjoy your music without worrying about damaging your earbuds. A perfect combination of style and durability.


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